I design websites from scratch on a blank screen from whatever a customer wants. I use Yahoo Site Builder for my
design software so my customers would need to give me a year's worth of Yahoo Aabaco fees to pay for the website
which is about $108.00 for one year including the fee for the domain name that a customer would choose up front.
The current charge for Yahoo Aabaco fees are current and are subject to change, that I have no control over. I also
charge $75 for a one-time setup fee and $30 per each individual basic webpage up front before I even start on the
website. I checked into other companies and they were more expensive and I would have had to use their templates
and I wouldn't have been able to design from a blank page from scratch like I do. I also design templates in this
designing. I have designed several websites in the past that are no longer working because the businesses are no
longer in business but I have been designing websites since 2000 and all from scratch, without pre-made templates. If
a customer wants a webpage with a lot of pictures and/or graphics on it, I will charge by the hour at $12/hour as those
webpages take a long time to design and at $30 per page, I don't earn any money on those pages, so I would charge
for that page AFTER I finish designing that page instead of before so that page would be billed instead of being put in
the initial contract. All this would need to be said at the first meeting between us so I would know what you would
want in a website so there would be no misunderstandings on both our parts. A basic page is one where there may be
a few pictures and/or graphics with a few typed paragraphs and that is $30/page. Also, I charge for monthly
maintenance fees as well if a client would want me to maintain it for them, too. That can be added into their contract at
the first meeting. I haven't done it for anyone except on a voluntary basis, but I have been asked about it, so that will
be something I will adding in the future now.

   Yahoo is now owned by Verizon but they'll be run just the same.

   Here are the websites I have designed that are currently running, plus my own: